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Welcome to my little piece of home. I'm so glad you stopped by! If you were really at my front door, you'd probably catch me in my favorite sweats, having coffee for lunch, playing with my sweet babe, or surrounded by a mess of my latest thrifted DIY project. When he sleeps... I write... or design things... I dream of front porches, loud laughter, village living and teaching each other's children. I dream of life on purpose, authentic conversations, and even better worship. I want to experience a little bit of God's heavenly family here on earth. And I'd love for you to join me.

speed datinG

- Karen

get to know me

My husband Isaac and I got married at 19

He deployed to Kuwait 4 months later

We have 3 kids & a super cute dog

We've moved 9 times in 14 years

I'm severely affected by gray rainy weather. but I live in the PNW

I founded Pursuit Community and the Pursuit Conference in 2010.

I'm a thrifting addict chickens

 We live on a small hobby farm with 14 chickens & 8 fruit trees, and 23 blueberry bushes

I love all things warm and sunny

I want to build a farm retreat center

I just released my first book

30 in 3

See the Grand Canyon
Ride in a helicopter
Take my kids to Disneyworld
Visit Santorini Greece with Isaac
Buy my husband a seriously sweet gift (that one’s gotta stay a secret)
Build a new house
See a Broadway play…(doesn’t have to be in NY, maybe on tour)
Ride in a horse-led sleigh in the snow with warm apple cider and my love
Go skiing with the kids
Make a photo/video documentary of a day in the life of our family
Buy a Vacation house in Sunriver or Scottsdale
Host an ugly Christmas sweater party
Stand at the Four Corners and be in 4 states at once
Go to Ellis Island and see the Statue of Liberty
Build an outdoor movie theater in my backyard fully equipped with vintage popcorn machine and real furniture
Take my family to DC, Boston & New York City
Go to Italy for our 20 year reunion
Attend a Yoga retreat
Become a certified yoga instructor
Reach the rank of Crown Diamond with Young Living
Take my family back to my families farm in Denmark
Go on the Silver YL retreat with my mom and SIL
Buy new cars ( to us ) with cash for me, Isaac and our oldest daughter
Start a podcast
See Adventures with Archer in actual bookstores like Hobby Lobby, Target & Barnes and Noble
Be interviewed on some my favorite podcasts… Happy Hour, That Sounds Fun, Goal Digger, Entreleadership, Business Boutique
Buy an airstream and renovate it
Do a sprint triathalon
Write 2 more books
Do a video Bible Study for Right Now Media


30 Things I dream of doing in the next 3 years


Raising Chickens
Lacroix sparkling water
YL chap stick 
Cory Asbury Pandora
Greatest Showman 
Reruns of The Office
Antique shopping
Planning vacations
Abound Conference

on my bookshelf




Secrets of a Millionaire Mind
Rich Dad Poor Dad
4 year career
Living Forward
Think & Grow Rich
Capital Gaines 
The Energy Bus
Shoe Dog

An Intentional Life ( well…. It’s true ) 
If You Only Knew
World Changer
Kill The Spider
The Magnolia Story
Necessary Endings
Good To Great

Loving Our Kids On Purpose
Life Giving Parenting
An Intentional Life ( hehehe ) 
Present Over Perfect
The Energy Bus for Kids

our big dream

Haven Hill Farm

For years, longer than I can remember really, I’ve dreamed of living on a farm. I long for property to tend to, animals to feed, and orchards to prune. My mind wanders to a long tree lined drive that leads up to the house, and rowdy children playing till the sun catches the dirt from their feet creating beams of light in the dust as it sets. I imagine front porches, and late night bonfires, and conversations that light our souls a blaze. 

I picture a houseful of guests, and friends, new and old, that feel like our home is theirs. I imagine waking up in the quiet to take a walk in the pastures with my Father before the whole place awakens. This has always been my heart cry. 

For longer than I’ve even known what a heart cry was. It’s like it’s been written on my soul. In my very DNA. And now, in hind site, I know that it was. 

Over the years, although the landscape of my dreams hasn’t changed, the purpose very much has. Some time ago, the vision grew. As I opened my heart to new ideas, new concepts, and new people, it began to take on a life of its own. Instead of one house, I saw several. Instead of animals to feed, and plants to prune, I saw faces and hearts that needed love, nurturing, and a place to belong.

The more I offered this dream back to God, the more He filled it with new ideas and gave it back to me. And for years, God and I have gone round and round like this. Me letting go of my plans, and Him breathing new ones into me.

It’s been the most beautiful, and sacred surrender. One that I have tucked very deeply in my heart until just recently. But oddly, and a little fearfully, it feels like it’s time. As blatant as the leaves fading to orange, and yellow, from their formerly brilliant array of greens. It feels like God is leaning in, whispering louder, and asking me to open up this part of my heart, and share it with you.

And I will be quite honest, I’m petrified about it.

The dream of dreams here at the Stott family is to join hands with the Father, and build a farm. But not just a farm…. a haven, a safe place, a land of community, and connection, and family, and belonging.

A place for others to call home, and awaken adventure.

Several years ago, Isaac and I moved to a new city to escape the oppression and control of some very abusive church leaders. We spent many years alone, afraid, and frankly, traumatized. We beat our own hearts in condemnation and shame wondering how we could have been so blind to what we let happen.

As we hibernated to heal, we ran wholeheartedly after God. Who is He really? What is He like? How does He love us? What is in His heartbeat for us?

As we pursued the Father’s heart, veils fell off of our eyes, and peace, joy, laughter and curiosity returned to our hearts. Our marriage has been restored, and the culture of our family has a beautiful new rhythm. One of laughter, and grace, adventure, and connection. 

Through it all we began to see our reflection in His eyes, and were washed of so much of the pain we had been harboring. What once felt like a wasted and shameful season was filled with new hope and purpose. We began to feel tremendous burden, and unbridled passion to help others find their way out of the woods, and into freedom found in the Father’s heart.

New dreams started to birth for this property we’d held in our hearts for so long. And we found ourselves planning, praying, and pondering the possibilities for most of our waking hours.

“What if we could create a space for couples, and families, and leaders, and authors to return to rest, and connect with the heart of God?

A place to heal, experience new adventures, soak in community, rest in God, and laugh again.

What if we could build a safe haven for them?

A luxurious, peaceful place to come with their spouses, or their kids, or be alone with their thoughts and dreams?

A place of connection, and hope, and grace, and community, and adventure.

A place to commune with God, and community, and fill your days with long meals, kayaking, tending animals, mountain climbing, or reading in a hammock?

A place that when we were down and out, on the brink of destruction, divorce, and isolated depression we wished we could find, but couldn’t. 

What if we could make a place like that?

It’s during these dream sessions that our farm took on a whole new life, and God began laying very specific things on our hearts.

We would build ten cabins, each with 2 rooms and a living area, sleeping 8-10 people. They would be comfortable enough for two couples, or a family with children to make themselves at home for a weekend, or a month, whatever they were needing.

We would have a few airstreams about the property, for those looking for solitude, writing a book, or needing time with their thoughts. It would ideally be 100 acres, but no less than 60. On another part of the property we would build 2 or 3 houses for our host families. We would work together to keep up the farm, love on the guests, and cultivate an environment of grace, hope, connection, and fully alive hearts. 

Somewhere in the middle would be a community barn. It would act as a gathering space for guests and visitors as well as an event center for the farm, and local community. We imagine having worship nights in the barn, and showing old movies on the side of it in the summer. We see huge community gatherings for the local city, and a private retreat center we could use for Pursuit Community & Be Lovely Collective events if needed. 

We would offer meals, and laughter. Wellness & Coaching. Prayer & Counsel. Late nights around the fire & Community.

Most of all we see home, and belonging. 

A place where love wins, and failures fall in the light of His glory. 

We see redemption, and wholeness, and laughter. 

We see purposes unveiled, families restored, and hearts coming alive.

And as with everything that Pursuit stands for, we see this farm as a place where women, and families, and marriages can uncover the heart of God for their lives, and walk in the fullness of their calling. Where passions can be birthed, and gifts brought to life. 

A place where joy, and adventure, and laughter, and story are thickly woven into our fabric. 

We see it as the heart of our ministry becoming tangible. Where we can meet people face to face everyday. Serving them, loving, them, equipping them, and unleashing them into their most full and free selves. 

A place where we can wash people in the love and grace of God, and see their hearts and relationships burst forth in new freedom and passion. 

For six years we have been serving the women of Pursuit primarily through online means. And we are believing that our great big powerful God is calling us to cultivate a place of home for all of our incredible sisters.

We believe that soon, through ways only God can move, a ministry that started as a website, will adorn itself with a welcome mat.

On a property He has prepared for us wherever that may be. 

And you are already invited. 

Forever in your corner, 


At the beginning of the summer 2016, I felt like God was up to something. Like seasons were changing, and His urges were getting louder. It was then that I reached out to a gal (Galladoodle) I found on Instagram who illustrates the most darling houses. I began to tell her our vision and asked if she could sketch up a map for us of the property we were dreaming of. I felt like God wanted it tangible and in front of our faces, so we could believe for it as a family, and join in prayer together. Kim blew my desires out of the water when she came back with this lovely map of the Farm at Haven Hill. I literally cried when I saw it. It now sits on our families vision board, above a console in the dining room, and we pray over it every day. We would be so honored and blessed if you could join us in praying for it too. 





An Intentional Life


A new book by Karen Stott